Corporate Social Responsibility

Chimigraf's Corporate Social Responsibility

In Kao Chimigraf we are committed to our work, our clients, and also to the environment and other areas of corporate social responsibility.

To do this, we are members of the Pacto Mundial, an organisation that produces an annual progress report by which businesses and non-business organisations report their actions to implement the 10 principles.

In Kao Chimigraf, this commitment is from top management, with the support of our HR and other areas of interest, to develop proposals for improvement, and activities with staff, among which are:

  • Meeting periodically with preferred suppliers
  • The implementation of our suppliers committee
  • Consultations with employees directly or collectively through the works council
  • The Annual General Convention
  • Collaboration with municipal organisations
  • Consulting customer satisfaction by groups of interest

Additionally, at Kao Chimigraf, our policy of Corporate Social Responsibility leads us to work with friendlier more compatible products, which is why we are certified ISO 14001 for the environment.

At Kao Chimigraf we work for you and your company to draw and colour a better future.

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