The latest innovations in intelligent inks

Labels printed with intelligent ink

We are at the absolute forefront of innovation in intelligent inks, coatings and other products, constantly modernising processes and materials for printing on different types of packaging and containers. All this has a name - Kao Chimigraf.

Commitment to innovation implies closely engaging with the best professionals in the industry as well as the latest techniques and materials. It means investing most of our annual budget on R&D&I.

Kao Chimigraf is committed to the welfare and future needs of our customers. That is why we invest so constantly in research and development for new products and printing technologies, proposing future intelligent inks and coatings that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

This commitment has led us to have a commercial presence in over 60 countries. Working with our own technicians and resources as well as with the assistance and support technology centres such as LEitat, we can reach a higher level, in terms of personnel, equipment and machinery.

Our strengths in R&D

innovative company award by MINECO

  • Our own laboratories
  • Advanced machinery and raw materials
  • Inks and coating of superior quality
  • Optimal application performance
  • Rigorous quality standards
  • Highly qualified personnel
  • Chromatography
  • Continuous analysis of raw materials
  • New product development
  • Collaboration with laboratories and international suppliers
  • * Awarded to Chimigraf Ibérica,S.L. in 2016

New and innovative solutions that help our customers increase the productivity and profitability of their printing processes and therefore compete more efficiently in the market. Because innovation today makes for a better future tomorrow.

  • Kao Chimigraf

  • Carcassí, 6-8 P.I. Can Jardí
  • 08191 - Rubí
  • Barcelona - Spain
  • Tel. +34 935 862 040