Chimigraf gets The SME Instrument Phase II



freshink nuevo logoHaving been successful in Phase I of the SME Instrument of the European Commission, Chimigraf now has positive results for Phase II for our new innovation project FreshInk.

Conceived and developed by Chimigraf, with the collaboration of the ITENE technological center, FreshInk is a revolutionary smart packaging solution for fresh foods such as chicken breast. To achieve this goal, patented solvent-based flexographic ink is used which generates a reagent that continually provide a visual indication of the level of product freshness.

This innovative solution by Chimigraf introduces important advantages to smart packaging. It provides for increased security when monitoring the freshness of the packaged product, thanks to the reactive compound that changes colour as the product loses freshness. In short, this is a very easy visual indicator that can be understood and interpreted by both professionals and consumers.

We have realistic expectations of growth, development and internationalisation thanks to the constant innovation made by our company and the support of the European Commission SME Instrument which consists of three phases, two of which have now been successfully passed.

The objective of SME Instrument funding is to support SMEs by means of European Commission evaluations, analyses and audits.

1. Feasibility analysis of the innovation project on both a technological and an economic level, studying its impact as something new in the sector or in the market to which it is aimed. Achieved by Chimigraf.

2. Development of the innovation project, a phase successfully completed by Kao Chimigraf, following the development of prototypes, tests, demonstrations as well as a plan for the business model and industrial scale growth.

3. Marketing the new product with the valued support of the European Union by means of action plans, training, coaching, networking ... that will lead to our innovation receiving a CE quality certificate.

Thanks to this development support for FreshInk as well as our own solid know-how, Kao Chimigraf is continuing to make innovations in smart packaging by the introduction of a technology that will mark a before and after in the conservation of the food we all eat.

Project impulsed by the EEC

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