Discover the vivid colours of digital inks

Chimigraf digital inks

Since 1998, Kao Chimigraf has developed and customised a broad range of digital inks for different markets, for graphics, advertising, signage, decoration to coding and marking.

Therefore, at Kao Chimigraf we are experts in the development of digital inks for all media such as paper, cardboard, glass, wood, labels, ceramics ...
Moreover, by taking advantage of our experience since 1970 in the manufacture of traditional inks and by working collaboratively with OEMs and the manufacturers of print heads such as SII (Seiko), Xaar, Konica and Minolta, we have specialised in the development of digital inks for industrial applications.

Therefore, we invite you to get to know our range of digital inks.

If you want more information about our digital inks, please contact us.

  • Kao Chimigraf

  • Carcassí, 6-8 P.I. Can Jardí
  • 08191 - Rubí
  • Barcelona - Spain
  • Tel. +34 935 862 040