Printing on corrugated cardboard for packaging

Corrugated cardboard

At Kao Chimigraf we always choose the most efficient paint or coating option. That is why we focus on solutions for printing on corrugated cardboard for boxes for our customers' packaging requirements.

Corrugated cardboard is a composite of three or five types of paper, the outer layers both being smooth and the inner layer(s) being wavy. In this way the material making the container or packaging is both light and strong, which offers great value for commercial distribution as well as being useful to the end consumer.

To further enhance this robustness, as well as improving other characteristics, Kao Chimigraf has developed multiple alternatives for corrugated board printing. In this way we can offer the most appropriate option depending on the specific requirements of the product or project.

Opt for efficiency and find out more about our corrugated cardboard
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