Printing solutions narrowband

Products printed in narrow band

Do you know all the possibilities of narrow band printing with Kao Chimigraf inks, i.e. on PVC and seals?

PVC and different types of seals are derived from petroleum and have unique and very special characteristics. Therefore, printing on PVC and seals, may be too complicated if the technique and the proper form of application is not known.

Now you can see our different solutions for the best possible result.

Vinigraf EC.
Ink solutions ready for printing. As practical as opening the package, putting the ink in the machine and printing the seals. More information

Flexo 100 EC
Inks to mix with additives for greater flexibility and control, in terms of colour, grip strength of the substrate, and cost. More information

Series of bright pigment inks, specially developed for direct flexographic printing on treated polypropylene adhesive tape. More information

Conflex EC.
Devoloped for adhesive tab and untreated biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) by Primer + Ink + Release system. More information

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