Our company

Since we began in 1970, at Kao Chimigraf we have always had a strong commitment to quality; to find the most efficient option in printing inks and coatings for packaging. This remains the case today.

Kao Chimigraf is a global company of reference in the production of paints and coatings for flexographic, rotogravure and digital printing systems. And we are not big by chance: our success is the result of our effort, our continuous work and contribution to the sector of quality inks and coatings for printing on packaging.

It was in 1970 when Kao Chimigraf started in the world of graphic arts. A sector in which, little by little, we have been specialising in different areas. From the production of water-based, solvent-based and UV coatings and inks for flexographic and rotogravure printing to digital print systems (inkjet ), in addition to pigmentary dispersions (CHIPS) and other auxiliary products.

We are moved by talent... and by colour.

The talent or Kao Chimigraf's staff in the development of inkjet inks has made us great, as has our commitment to use excellent raw materials. This has led us to provide innovative solutions that help our clients - by continually adapting to the latest printing systems on the market.

The success is evidenced by our growth. Present today in over 60 countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia, we remain leaders in this fast changing and demanding printing ink market..

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