Philosophy and vision

Our philosophy and mission

How do we see the future of printing new inkjet inks and coatings?
At Kao Chimigraf we have a clear mission and vision: a future full of new ideas, applications and, above everything else, quality. A future adapted to the new needs of today and tomorrow.

At Kao Chimigraf we apply innovative dyes and we try our best to create the most advanced products on the market, maintaining a close relationship between our Technical Assistance teams and our clients.

We have been making this effort since our founding in 1970, with the clear mission to offer the best in inks and ensure our products are of consistent quality according to our high standards and the requirements of the market.

To achieve this, we invest in training our R&D department and we make every effort to find the best raw materials as well as working constantly to adapt our products to new machines and media, to maintain the high levels that the market demands, and find new developments in the market and new technologically advanced products.

  • Kao Chimigraf

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  • Barcelona - Spain
  • Tel. +34 935 862 040