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The celebration on 21 and 22 June in Milan of the Kick-off of BioBarr project integrated by companies, technological centres and universities in European countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark and Finland, is a turning point in the innovation in food packaging.


The BioBarr project, born under the Horizon 2020 European Commission program, aims the development of biomaterials, BIO-BASED and biodegradable for food packaging. With this objective, the last 21 and 22 June, it was held in Milan the Kick-off of this project in which Kao Chimigraf was present together with companies, technological centres and universities. Seven partners of prestige both public and private, who come from European countries such as Italy, Spain, Denmark and Finland.
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The installations of Tecnoalimenti, Project Coordinator, were the venue of the meeting. On behalf of Kao Chimigraf attended Takeshi Ashizawa as Technical Director, Benjamín Moreno as a specialist Flexo Water Based Inks and José Luis Casbas as Controller, in addition to the presence of Ana Ruiz, Project Officer of BBI. The meeting was attended by representatives of all the companies that are members of the Consortium:

• Tecnoalimenti S.C.p.A. (Coordinador, Italia)
• Bio-On S.p.A. (Italia)
• Kao Chimigraf SLU. (España)
• Centro Nacional de Tecnología y Seguridad Alimentaria (CNTA) – Laboratorio de Ebro (España)
• Danmark Tekniske Universitet (Dinamarca)
• Icimendue SRL (Italia)
• TTY-Saatio - Tampere University of Technology (Finlandia)

Participated in the meeting Corsini Biscotti, as a possible final product partner.

At Kao Chimigraf, faithful to the line to offer the best product in harmony with the environment, we are very excited about this technological project, which supposes a major challenge and an approach of our products to the "cradle to cradle".

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