Discover the effectiveness of concentrated bases

Concentrated colour bases

Do you want to achieve maximum efficiency in manufacturing time, recover returns and decrease packaging? With monopigmentary coloured concentrated bases and their coatings, you will be able to produce flexographic and rotogravure inks for printing on different media with maximum performance.

Manufacture of inks in your own plant

Kao Chimigraf's various systems of concentrated base allow you to manufacture the ink immediately as needed from a dispenser in your own premises.

Get to know this series of high concentration monopigmentary aqueous dispersions. Suitable for making up water-based inks for printing corrugated cardboard and absorbent cellulose media. Hidrobas PLM is a version available for printing on polyolefin substrates.

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A nitrocellulose series of highly concentrated monopigmentary dispersions intended for the manufacture of solvent-based inks suitable for flexographic and rotogravure printing on different media. These have an ample range of coating modifiers and complements for different applications such as external printing and lamination among others.

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