Development of bespoke inks and colours

Laboratory and colorimetry

If your company needs a made-to-measure ink for printing your packaging, Kao Chimigraf has a dedicated team in our ink development service.

Thanks to our experience in the development of inks and pigments, at Kao Chimigraf we have a specialist laboratory to obtain just the ink your company needs. Customised and exclusively for your machines.

Our dominance in the field of manufacturing and controlling inks and coatings allows us to offer this ink development service. Creating the best formulae to get a high optical density and excellent colour range so your company achieves the best results in colour printing.

Exclusive development service as inks and colours

  • Colour formulation
  • Drying speed settings
  • Colour management: studies and formulae
  • Colorimetric data bases
  • Solvent, sliding, abrasion and rolling analysis
  • Projects of optimisation of costs to customers
  • Technical assistance to customers (telephone, email etc.)
  • Proposal of new products with market analysis
  • Development of Pantone Live

If you need a bespoke ink or colour, you know where to find it - the Kao Chimigraf ink development laboratory Contact us.

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