Trust worthy technical service

Machine technicians

Do you imagine having an efficient technical support team in your printing plant that can support you whenever you need it? You can rely on us.

At Kao Chimigraf we put at the disposal of your company our technical service team to help resolve any problem, doubt, or incident.

Because we want to offer a highly efficient service and solve any problems that interfere with your company's productivity, to keep our customers' printers running with a minimum of downtime.

A technical service consisting of a team of specialists in ink, flexographic machinery and digital (inkjet) printing, which always ensures our customers' and distributors' satisfaction, working together to ensure a job well done.

Technical service for digital printing

  • Installation of Kao Chimigraf inkjet inks into clients' printers ensuring any possible damage to the print heads or circuit is covered by the Kao Chimigraf guarantee.
  • ICC profiles and colour calibration: customers of Kao Chimigraf inkjet inks have the possibility of obtaining the same results in all printing machines thanks to ICC profiles and a colour calibration on each of their printers.
  • Repair to the circuit and print heads: if any damage occurs in the ink circuit or to print heads using Kao Chimigraf inkjet inks, our technical service will rapidly perform a complete repair to the machine by a specialist.

For more information on our team of technical specialists in printing, please contact us.

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