Technical assistance for printing inks

Chimigraf technical assistance for printing inks

Do you have a printing problem? The ink does not print correctly or does not provide the expected result? Does the printer not work well? We offer a service of technical assistance for printing inks.

At Kao Chimigraf we know the day-to-day business of companies and we know how valuable time is. Therefore we offer our customers the technical assistance for printing inks service.

A team of specialists in our products and their application with the most advanced tools and technology to solve any incident in your firm's printing system so you can confidently print with a full guarantee and a commitment to quality.

Consulting services and technical assistance for printing inks:

  • Assistance on ink reuse
  • Self-diagnosis and improved print quality
  • Help in the process of colour separation
  • Study and analysis of different media
  • Analysis of inks and raw materials
  • Colour control and colorimetry services
  • Troubleshooting
  • Implementation of automated ink dispensing systems
  • Participation in the conceptualisation of future goals with the evolution of legislation new quality standards
  • Custom-made training sessions for groups or individuals

Working for quality

Thanks to the variety and efficiency of our specialised technical services, excellent value and timeliness, at Kao Chimigraf we have earned the trust and respect of our customers, and even our competitors.

Because if our ink is good, the support team is even better. Contact us.

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