Flexographic printing on flexible packaging

 Products in a flexible packaging

In everyday life we are constantly surrounded by flexible packaging using flexographic and gravure printing. Would you like to know how to achieve the highest possible quality print?

Our ink solutions for printing flexible packaging are one of our strengths because at Kao Chimigraf we know the keys of the sector to attain the best results on films and flexographic printing and rotogravure products. This is because we have studiously analysed all the substrates and final applications and it is only in this way that we can accomplish the very best possible print.

Kao Chimigraf inks effective on polyolefins

Our research and development department innovates constantly to obtain Kao Chimigraf inks that are 100% effective on polyolefins; each of which have unique features and are designed according to their final application.

Find out more about our series of inks for flexographic and rotogravure printing that adapt to the final application, the substrate and the physio-chemical characteristics of each type of packaging. Enter the world of perfect printing with Kao Chimigraf!

Solvent-based inks

1External and mirror printing on PE, PP, BoPP and PET films. The Novaconfort AR series is the benchmark for printing on materials with a high abrasion resistance. We are referring to high density polyethylene (at low pressure) and industrial bags of a certain thickness. More information

2Printing on PE film, PP, BOPP and PET films or lamination. The Novaintex series of inks with its modified nitrocellulose pigments stands out for being fast drying and possessing excellent gloss qualities. This series has been especially developed for printing on polyolefin films possibility for lamination and possible external printing. More information

Water-based inks

1Water-based inks for external printing on films for flexographic printing.Did you know that Kao Chimigraf can reach prints of 500 metres per minute on BOPP films with the Idrostar series of bright aqueous inks. More information

2Water-based inks for lamination on films. The Idrolam series has been created for seamless flexographic printing of flexible film exclusively intended for lamination.More information

For more details about our range of flexographic and rotogravure printing, click here.

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